Listen up, bitchcakes

Hi there! This is your friendly neighbo-- wait that is Pete's line! Scrap that. Jessica Drew here, the original Spider Woman. Yes the original. Them other three are just ripping me off.

Yes, I do have super cool spider powers, though I'd rather not go into how I got them. It's rather a long story. I'm an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., S.H.I.E.L.D too if Nick Fury can stop disappearing on me when I need him and most importantly, an Avenger.

Caution, Venom Stings to the face can be expected if angered.

This is a rp blog for the Marvel character Jessica Drew, Earth-616 strand.

Face Claim: Eva Green

ooc: Mamma Mia is on … It’s like Howard Stark meeting Maria. 

Howard stop singing. Srsly. Also you are so orange. Okay the beach scene just got sexy.

And Selvig is there … he could be Maria’s mother. He is a time traveler?

Oh Howard just got Kidnapped by a group men in tight pants. Now it is rp cannon :/